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TEDxAberdeen is back!

Returning on Saturday 16 November at the Music Hall, Aberdeen we’re looking for our next cohort of speakers from across the North-east of Scotland who can bring this year’s theme of ‘identity’ to life.

Identity – a route to connection

“There is much to explore with this theme – how does identity impact a community? Does it hold it back or push it forward? What happens when identities are eroded? How do we prevent our identities being stolen online? What’s the impact of social media have on our identities? Does maintaining an online identity differ from our identities ‘off-line’ – does it compromise our authenticity or reveal who we truly are? But most importantly, what are your thoughts and ideas? 

As a long standing fan of TED and TEDx talks, I am fascinated by how speakers take a broad theme, find a unique angle or fresh perspective and craft a compelling talk. I am excited to see where our speakers’ ideas will take us with this year’s theme.

The ethos of TEDx is that anyone can have a great idea worth sharing, so we are keen to hear from voices in the community we may not usually hear from.

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t spoken publicly before, as each speaker will receive support from our team of experienced coaches and mentors – it is a unique and fulfilling experience.”

Moray Barber, TEDxAberdeen Licensee

The 2024 theme: Identity

Identity  is a broad theme with plenty of scope to explore fresh perspectives or unique angles.

Speaker applications for TEDxAberdeen 2024 are now closed.

Thank you everyone who submitted their ideas!  

We excited to see where your ideas will take us…

Our Curator, Derrick Thomson, now has the mammoth task of reviewing all the submissions to create our speaker shortlist. 

Stay tuned for updates. 

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