X = Independently organized TED event

TEDxAberdeen will be back!

By curating a line-up of captivating and compelling speakers, our goal is to inspire through the sharing of ideas, spark deep conversations and foster meaningful connections.

We’re building a community of movers, shakers and groundbreakers in Aberdeen – are you joining us?

The 2022 theme: MOVEMENT

An act of moving. A change or development. A group of people. Action or activity. A strategic shift. Motion. Going from one place to another. Progress.

What does movement mean to you? And does this spark an idea worth sharing with the world?

Is it your move? Here’s how to get involved in TEDxAberdeen:

Discover our 2022 speakers:

Covering a diverse range of topics including social acceptance and inclusion, racism, keeping language alive, resistance to change, re-thinking values, and societal conditioning, each person shares their interpretation of the TEDxAberdeen 2022 theme of ‘movement’…

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